Jenny Vaughan

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

My goal as a Psychologist is to help clients rekindle hopes and dreams and to take steps to gain in self-confidence and self-esteem. My own journey has included working as a professional athlete, tackling life challenges and taking exciting opportunities. I believe that each of us is on a journey towards wholeness of being, and I would love to help you on that path towards a life of beauty and wellness. I am a great believer in the healing power of spending time with animals and in the natural world. I enjoy helping clients work through past issues and present challenges in order to free up energy for exciting future goals.



Licensed Clinical Psychologist


(760) 453-7175


Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Registered Psychological Assistant

education background

  • BA Stanford
  • PhD Meridian University

Jenny provides therapy for individuals, families, couples, children and teens. She creates individualized treatment plans for every client based on their goals, diagnosis and learning style. 

Jenny completed her Bachelor’s degree at Stanford and a Phd in Psychology at Meridian University in 2013. She wrote her Phd dissertation on recovery from addiction, and have extensive experience in the substance abuse recovery field. She also works with depression, anxiety, personality disorders, PTSD, grief, elder-specific issues, and other challenges to our mental wellbeing. She works with teenagers and older adults, as well as all ages in between. She uses a variety of techniques including CBT, DBT, Solution-focused and Existential therapy.

The Therapists at ADR are compassionate and supportive and have all received specialized training and formal education in diagnostics, mental health treatment, trauma informed treatment, and culturally competent care. 


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