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In-clinic sessions

See a therapist in person at our beautiful Carlsbad, CA location.

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HIPPA compliant teletherapy for those that prefer not to come into the office.

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

ADR therapists provide individual therapy for people of all ages and genders. Our team is trained in modern, evidence based treatments. Each client is evaluated and treated based on their treatment goals and the issues they are dealing with. 

Couples Therapy

Intimate relationships can be difficult to navigate at times. ADR couples therapists are trained to help clients learn better communication skills and increase love and trust.  

Family Therapy

Strong, healthy families are the foundation of positive mental health. At ADR Wellness we provide family therapy to help parents and children learn to listen to and understand each other better. 

Treatment Specialties

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety can be crippling and make it difficult to live a happy life. Our therapists can help you overcome your anxiety and gain the skills to live more fully in the present.


Overwhelming feelings of sadness can make even basic self care impossible. Let a therapist at ADR help you get out from under the dark cloud of depression.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR is an evidence based therapy modality that can help clients process many different types of trauma. Our EMDR trained therapists can help you put your past behind you.

DBT and CBT Therapy

CBT is a cognitive approach to therapy that can help clients learn to be aware of dysfunctional thinking patterns and replace them with more healthy ways of thinking. DBT utilizes mindfulness to help clients let go of extreme thinking and improve coping skills.


It is crucial for people to have positive social relationships, but many of us were never taught how to make relationships work. An ADR therapist will teach you skills to improve your relationships.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is widespread and many people are struggling to stay sober in silence. Therapy can help uncover the root causes of substance abuse and teach positive coping skills.

Trauma Therapy

A history of witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event can create mental instability. ADR therapists are trained in trauma therapy and can help stop flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and somatic symptoms of trauma.

Anger Management Therapy

Intense angry outbursts damage relationships and cause harm to everyone involved. Learn to control anger and improve your skills at tolerating discomfort.

Somatic Therapy

Emotions are experienced and stored in the body. Somatic Therapists use the body to explore emotions and past trauma that are stored in the tissues of the body.

Psychological Testing

Learn more about yourself with psychological testing. Testing can ensure clients have the correct diagnosis and are getting all the support they need.

Child and Teen Therapy

Childhood and teen years can be full of difficulty especially today with social media pressure and intense academic competition. Our therapists help children improve their self confidence and learn coping skills for life.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be an especially powerful way to deal with difficult emotions and find social support. Our group therapists are experts at creating an environment for healing.

Fertility and Loss Therapy

Difficulty conceiving and pregnancy loss can be devastating for individuals and couples. Fertility therapy can help couples recover from grief and learn to accept and love again.

Grief & Loss

The loss of a loved one can cause intense emotional pain. Often times grief does not subside on its own. Grief therapy can help clients accept the loss and move on with their lives while holding their loved one in their hearts.

common questions

Psychotherapy works by providing you with a supportive, educated partner in your mental health. The therapist client relationship is that of collaboration and unconditional positive regard. In therapy you can talk about your problems with a non-judgmental therapist. Therapists can also guide deep psychological work using evidence based treatments.

Mental health problems are very common and many people can benefit from psychotherapy. Mental health counseling can be helpful for those struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, and mental health concerns. Therapy can reduce mental health symptoms and build coping skills and mental resilience.

Most therapy sessions last 50 minutes 

ADR Wellness takes most insurance. While we cannot guarantee coverage our office staff will be happy to check with your insurance company to see what your out of pocket costs would be.

Most clients attend therapy weekly. However, you may need more or less frequent visits. Your therapist will work with you to determine the frequency of treatment. Over time most clients come less often as their mental health improves.

Duration of treatment is an individual decision. Most clients require therapy for a few months and then simply need periodic check in’s. Other clients with more severe mental illness might need more frequent treatment for a longer duration of time. Your therapist will help you decided when your treatment is complete.

Some clients with insurance pay little to nothing out of pocket for their treatment. For those paying cash we offer a generous sliding scale.

Finding the right therapist can be a daunting task. Begin by asking yourself what age and gender you prefer. Next look at the therapists treatment specialties and the type of therapy they offer. Finally book a consultation to see if you are a personality fit. We offer free consultations so that you can get to know your therapist before your first session.

Each person’s treatment needs will be different. Some clients will need 10-12 sessions while others may want to remain in therapy for a longer period of time. Your therapist can help you determine how many treatment sessions you will benefit from.

We are located in the heart of Carlsbad CA at 785 Grand Ave #212. When you get to the building go up the elevator to the second floor then turn left. Make another left and go straight into the door. Turn left at the hall and follow it down until you see ADR on the right.

What is spoken about in therapy is confidential with a few exceptions. Therapists are mandated to report child and elder abuse or if a person intends to harm himself or anyones else. Sometimes clients want their therapists to share their personal health information in these cases we require a detailed release of information form.

You can schedule an appointment by contacting the front desk by phone at (760) 453 7175 by email info@ADRWellness.com or by reaching out directly to one of our therapists.


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We have the right mental health services for you. Whether you are looking for group therapy, individual therapy, or mental health evaluation ADR Wellness can help you. Our Therapists care deeply about their clients and are trained in cutting edge and evidence based therapies.

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