Valerie Freatman

Practicum Student

“People’s beliefs about their abilities have a profound effect on those abilities.” Albert Bandura.

Believing in our own abilities can be difficult if we struggle to know what they are. Through individual therapy, group therapy, and diagnostic assessment I plan to assist clients in learning more about themselves and their potential. My goal is to provide a comfortable and safe environment in which we can explore the individual personalities and strengths of each client. 

Valerie Freatman

Practicum Student


(626) 422-3882


Professional Credentials

education background

  • MA, Forensic Psychology & Clinical Psychology

Valierie provides therapy for adult individuals and couples. She creates individualized treatment plans for every client based on their goals, diagnosis and learning style. 

The Therapists at ADR are compassionate and supportive and have all received specialized training and formal education in diagnostics, mental health treatment, trauma informed treatment, and culturally competent care. 



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