Ruby E. Negrete

Practicum Student

“The sun never quits shining. Sometimes, clouds just get in the way” -Unknown 

As part of the exceptional clinical team at ADR Wellness, I make it my goal to help you keep shining and work with your treatment team to help you move those clouds. ADR Wellness is my practicum site and as a doctoral student, my role is to provide detailed psychological assessment services. These services aid in providing an individualistic approach and direction to your treatment planning. I believe that through psychological assessments we gain insight into where the first healings should begin with our clients. 


Practicum student


(760) 453-7175


Professional Credentials

education background

  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology with emphasis in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Kaplan University 
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology; Marriage & Family Therapy: Specialization with Latinas/os from Pepperdine University GSEP.

Professional Experience

  • •As a Psychotherapist trainee in my MA program I provided therapy serving Latinas/os with an array of mental disorders. Primarily working with children and couples. 

Ruby provides psychological testing for individuals, families, couples, children and teens. She creates individualized testing batteries for every client based on their goals, diagnosis and learning style. 

Psychological assessments can have a very scientific approach and with that in mind, Ruby always ensures she is seeing our clients through a humanistic lens; taking a moment to get to know their story, their experiences, and their strengths. Understanding who our clients are is an added value to psychological assessments and meaningful to Ruby as a psychological assessment examiner. Ruby is enthusiastic about what she does at ADR Wellness and her driving force is always the client’s healing.

The Therapists at ADR are compassionate and supportive and have all received specialized training and formal education in diagnostics, mental health treatment, trauma informed treatment, and culturally competent care. 


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