Group Therapy

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We have several existing groups, and are always adding more, so inquire with us today to reserve your spot. 


Therapy Groups Provide:


Get support from other people dealing with similar issues, and qualified therapists.


Understand that you are not alone. Build a community of like minded individuals


Help and advice that makes sense for you and your situation.

Therapy Groups

Teen DBT Group

Fridays 4-5:30 - In Person or on Zoom

A group for 13 to 17-year-olds that offers emotion regulation skill building, behavioral and cognitive analysis, and understanding, increased ability to engage in distress tolerance, and peer support. Now Accepting new members

Trauma Support

Using research based methods, this group helps individuals learn to cope with past traumatic events. The group facilitator will teach skills you can use in your day-to-day living. You do not need to talk about the trauma in order to improve and feel better. Techniques taught include grounding, skills for coping with emotional pain, creating safety, and self care.

Sobriety Support

Members of this group do not have to be completely sober. You must, though, have a desire to be sober and be willing to work on issues pertaining to your alcohol or drug use. This is a supportive group that helps you explore blocks to sobriety and will teach you skills to cope with triggers to use.

Anxiety and Depression Support

Using researched based methods, you will be taught how to process and cope with your anxiety and depression symptoms. Techniques taught include mindfulness, creating self-care, and coping skills for emotion regulation.


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We have the right mental health services for you. Whether you are looking for group therapy, individual therapy, or mental health evaluation ADR Wellness can help you. Our Therapists care deeply about their clients and are trained in cutting edge and evidence based therapies.

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